Where will the food be grown to feed your children and grandchildren? The lifestyles that we all enjoy today are the result of earlier generation not understanding the fragility of the land while growing food for increasing numbers of people. If people spread the word  about what is being achieved at Auria, far and wide using social media, we can attract lots of small donations to 'Auria' from people who want to help the environment, but do not have the time, land or skills. Collectively we can help farmers recover degraded land.

It is an undeniable fact that around the world, we have run out of agricultural land, so where will food be grown to feed our children and grandchildren?

 The scale of the problem is such that the only option is to adopt methods that enable food to be grown in regions that are currently too dry for such undertakings. And this is 90% of Australia and 70% of the planet - just 0.1% of which planted to trees would solve the problem for generations.

 Rainfall has first to be increased in these currently arid regions, and this can only be achieved by planting trees which are an essential part of 'the water cycle’. In due course the trees will supply forest products such as timber, paper, cardboard that are all essential for mankind’s survival.

 The ‘Auria' forestry methods have been demonstrated to produce exceptionally successful results under extreme condition – they are another example of innovation, for which Australian farmers are famous.

 However, the methods can only achieve the desired results if they are implemented on a massive scale and financial support is required for this to happen.

 If everyone using social media were to make a modest donation to ‘Auria' – and tell their friends what they have done - we would be well on the way to planting trees on and that has become unproductive.

 Please make a contribution to this worthwhile cause. 'Auria', the planet and your grandchildren will thank you for it. Every dollar donated will go towards purchasing and planting trees; Auria does not have any bureaucracy that absorbs so much of the money donated to most charitable, not-for-profit’ organisations. Anyone can follow the activities at Auria on Facebook, so they can see that their money is being spent legitimately. By looking at the ‘Auria' property on ‘Bing maps’ on the internet, you can see the massive number of trees that have been planted in the development of the unique methods and technologies.

*Plant a row of trees - make an initial donation of $50 for the first 5 trees, then make further payments of $5/tree to celebrate family events .........

If you wish to donate, please EFT your donation to:

Account Name: Auria
BSB 633 000 
Account 153702212

You can also donate using PayPal  by clicking on their name.